New appointment is responsible for managing and developing global activities.

Clifford Thames, the world-wide provider of IT solutions and data expertise for the automotive parts, service and repair industry, is proud to announce that Debbie Fox has been appointed as General Manager of Athoris Limited. Athoris is an industry leader in the creation of management products supporting the automotive leasing and fleet industries.


Debbie brings with her a wealth of experience and is a prestigious addition to the Athoris team. Her appointment illustrates the growth and ambition of the Company. As General Manager she will be responsible for developing commercial activities globally and ensuring Athoris continues to meet the needs of its customers.

Debbie has worked in the Automotive Industry for 29 years and has experience in Motor and Asset Finance, Data and Software, supporting and providing solutions to manufacturers, Retailers, Contact Hire, Leasing and Finance Companies both in the UK and across Europe. She has a strong track record of identifying opportunities in order to drive revenue and expand market penetration.

Scott Christie, the MD of Athoris, said “We are extremely pleased to have Debbie join our team. Her skills and leadership will make a significant contribution to our continued success in supporting our growing global customer base”. While of her new role, Debbie said “I am very excited to be joining the Athoris team and looking forward to building on the success of Athoris so far“. Both expressed their optimism for the future growth of Athoris.

About Athoris Ltd

Athoris is a web-based platform designed to provide the ultimate solution for maintenance and repair quote authorization, management and invoicing. Athoris has been built in collaboration with these industries and works with fleets, repairers, fleet management companies, manufacturers and leasing companies. In September this year Athoris hit a number of milestones with in excess of 400,000 work orders processed at an invoice value of over 110m Euros. To find out more about Athoris visit us at or contact Debbie Fox via e-mail.