As City AM reports that Investors want to better understand why executives are paid what they are paid with clear rationale our Chief Financial Officer Richard West shares his thoughts on remuneration planning in order to attract, retain and support employees.

At Mattioli Woods events, “A 21st Century Approach to Flexibility in Employee Benefit Planning” Richard shared learnings from his career to date and discussed how smart remuneration planning drives loyalty and motivation in staff. Mindful that investors are keeping a close eye on the business Richard under no illusion that it's imperative packages are clearly defined leaving no grey areas.

It’s important to remember that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Smart remuneration planning is about knowing your staff well in addition to understanding their key drivers for motivation.
— Richard West, Chief Financial Officer

Starting out at Mastercard’s Mondex International, Richard’s career has seen him work for Mimecast, Packet Exchange and most recently sitting on the Executive Board at Clifford Thames, alongside the CEO and CTO working with Lloyds Development Capital to further grow the organisation's portfolio

Richard spoke on 10th November in Milton Keynes and will be speaking at the next Mattioli Woods event in Cambridge on 22nd November alongside Howes Percival and People Puzzles to an audience of CEO’s, MDs, FDs and HR Directors.