Further good news from our offices around the globe, the Clifford Thames team in Bonn, Germany are celebrating not only one win in collaboration with AutoConsult for the BMW Europe Tyre Order Project but also a European wide back end service project for Mercedes Benz. 

Together with AutoConsult Clifford Thames Bonn won the BMW tyre order project which includes the integration of Mini and Motorbike as sub-brands of BMW. Rolling out in France Clifford Thames will be responsible for the development of additional functionality and integration into the internal BMW systems as well as launch and maintenance in further European markets throughout 2016 and 2017. 

In addition to this project Mercedes Benz Europe appointed Clifford Thames to provide the back-end services, running messages between the order platform and tyre suppliers throughout Europe. Impressed by Clifford Thames delivery, Mercedes have already increased the scope of work and first markets will launch later this year. 

These wins are critical to growth of the business in Europe. We’re particularly excited about the new opportunities these projects offer and look forward to delivering, once again exceeding customer expectations.
— Managing Director of Clifford Thames in Bonn, Peter Lichtner