After 22 years of service Ford Europe have renewed their parts analysis contract with existing supplier Clifford Thames, who have offices in Asia Pacific, North America, India and across Europe.

A complex element of the automotive aftermarket, Parts Analysis work includes data releasing, cataloguing and illustration plus technical support both internally and also externally with retailers and dealerships.

Parts Analysis is a specialist task which is integral to vehicle manufacturers. Being responsive, innovative and customer focused is paramount to the success of the work. We believe Ford’s decision to keep the business with Clifford Thames was not a tough one to make, we continually exceed expectations and our knowledge of their business is incomparable. Effectively we have evolved into an extension of their organization. 

Calvin Barnett

Calvin Barnett

Another good news story for us and further evidence of our exemplary customer service. This renewal proves our teams are committed to providing the best service to our customers and always reaching above and beyond to deliver results for them.
— CEO Calvin Barnett

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