Each year Clifford Thames conducts a staff survey asking their employees, nearly 500, to feedback on everything from support to quality assurance, appraisals, recognition and communication. The survey enables management to make continual improvements in the business, positively impacting staff turnover globally.

After a trend in survey findings indicated inconsistent communication between offices - a result of rapid company growth, a business case for the introduction and launch of a global intranet was approved. A few months later Clifford Thames launched PITSTOP from https://www.oak.com/ a collaborative intranet platform which reflects the innovative nature of the business and supports an enhanced cohesive culture.


Available to all employees, the cloud-based intranet, has been configured to radically improve communications and facilitate smoother standardised practices for staff based in offices, on customer sites and at home.

The objectives for the new intranet are to assist with a culture of staff “belonging” and for it to become an essential part of business life at Clifford Thames.

By introducing Oak into the organisation, we are already improving the business in 3 strategic areas, namely Corporate Communications, Knowledge Management, and Application Gateway with a plan to use the intranet for extending internal collaboration and process management across the business.
— CTO Scott Christie, Clifford Thames
Since launch we have a growing number of really enthusiastic employees who have been posting regularly to blogs and creating rich content for users. The beauty of Oak is that it is so easy to use, together with the relevance of the content our staff are posting it makes for a fantastic user experience.
— US based HR & Operations Manager, Lea Kingsley.

Other initiatives open to employees and promoted via PITSTOP include a new staff recognition reward programme, local community and charitable events, life assurance, pension and holiday trading schemes plus more.

For more information about Clifford Thames and our career opportunities visit http://www.clifford-thames.com or contact jbrown@clifford-thames.com