ServiceCare360 Connected Workshop

The innovative and award-winning cloud-based platform which helps make service and maintenance an efficient process, driving retention, satisfaction and profitability.

With the fastest and most intuitive online booking system in the market, vehicle owners can quickly and easily connect with a dealership to book their service and maintenance work.

Via the interactive check-in (optional ANPR) customers will experience an engaging, transparent and personal connection with a dealership, promoting trust and loyalty.

The transparent pricing and smart customer authorisation allows for any additional work, to be communicated live from the workshop with video.

Live job-tracking via provides customers and dealer-staff, via smartphone, tablets or optional dealer display screens with real-time information on the vehicle repair status.  Once work has been completed and quality checks performed, the handover process includes the opportunity for customers to provide instant feedback on their experience.

The revolutionary system continues to work after the customer has left the workshop, with links to management for personalised communications to ensure additional or advisory work is carried out in good time to keep the vehicle roadworthy.

ServiceCare360 Connected Workshop modules can be taken in isolation or integrated with an existing supplier solutions to provide a seamless and efficient system for running a dealership. 

ServiceCare360 Connected Workshop can be branded with manufacturers or Dealer Group requirements and can fully integrate with existing dealer software.